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What is Migiwe?

Migiwe is an online community with a mission to contribute to the development of a strong, sustainable and dynamic free culture economy, an economy that could compete successfully with traditional economies.

What is the Free Culture?

We'll let Wikipedia answer this one.

What is a Free Payment?

A payment that the consumer is free to make or not. A payment free of any mandatory value or constraints. In other words, a donation. See also the Migiwe blog.

Why not use "donation" instead of "free payment"?

To break free from the idea of charity often associated with the word donation. A free payment is a business transaction. It is not an act of charity or altruism.

What does Migiwe means?

Mìgiwe (mee-gih-way) means "he or she gives" in Algonquin.[1]

What does the logo represent?

The Migiwe logo is based on a map of the internet produced by Barrett Lyon through the Opte Project.


  1. Native Languages of the Americas