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What is a project?

A project is a way to define a collaboration space for members who wants to achieve specific objectives. Projects are associated to todo tasks defined in the main wiki content using Todo templates. Tasks can be centrally manage and coordinate in the project space. See also Wiki Organization.


Template Usage Used in
Template:Infobox Project Define basic project information and add a project infobox Project main page
Template:TasksTable List tasks in a table Project pages and user pages
Template:Todo Add a todo task All wiki content
Template:Done Add a done task All wiki content

How to guides

For general help on pages, subpages templates and namespaces, see WikiMedia.

How to add a todo task

Use Template:Todo.

How to assign yourself to an existing task

Using your username (login name), add the parameter user=username to the existing todo template, after the project parameter if there is one defined.

How to assign a project to an existing task

Add the parameter project=projectname to the existing todo template, before the user parameter if there is one defined.

How to change a todo into a done

Replace the Todo template with a Done template (replace "Todo" with "Done").

How to create a project

  1. Create a main page in the project namespace using the name of the project as the title
  2. Add an infobox using Template:Infobox Project.

Et voilà!

How to list tasks

Use Template:TasksTable.

How to list tasks for current logged-in user