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Project Logo 75x75.png Project:
Status: in progress
Overview Grow an initial community
Caretaker pierrem100


Perform the necessary work to develop a minimum sized root community. The minimum size is any number that would allow Migiwe to "come to life" and to gain enough momentum to make the ball rolling.

  • improve Migiwe "sales pitch";
  • improve "user-friendliness" of wiki;
  • build a basic web site;
  • build a forum?
  • design and execute a first mass promotion campaign;

Project News

  1. Help needed. See the unassigned tasks here.
  2. I'm looking for opinions on those subjects:
    • Forum: do we need an external stand-alone forum or wiki talk pages will do the job? Maybe use a mediawiki forum extension? Give your thoughts here.
    • What can be done to improve Migiwe "sales pitch"?
    • What can be done to improve wiki ergonomy?

Project Pages