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Existential question: Where should we put todos pertaining to templates? In template pages or here in the development pages? Note that todos can't be added on the Todo templage because it confuses DPL.

Don't forget to update help files when capabilities are added.


  • TODO  : Create a template to list all projects, project according to status, "root" projects (project without mother project) and child projects of a project.

  • TODO  : Suppress the annoying line break when template Todo is used at the end of paragraphs

  • TODO  : Update DPL to to 1.9.0 and get rid of Extension:VariablesExtension and Extension:StringFunctions.

Todos in templates

all projects ♦ Category:Project templates ♦ all users
Page Cat Project Task User
Template:Infobox Project Project templates 2 Change infobox to allow proper wrap around through DPL without the need of multiple line breaks (see the problem in Project:Portal).
Template:TasksTable Project templates Modify title handling to keep it with the table when wrap-around occurs. See projects main pages for exemples of the problem.

Progress indicator

  • Using DPL: see Project Toolkit Work Log.
  • Extension:Progress : to be evaluated.
  • Extension:TODOListProgressBar : to be evaluated.

Proloaded project pages