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What to promote?

Migiwe, Free Payment, Free Culture, Free Business, all of them? The Migiwe Project?

  • By promoting Migiwe, you promote more or less all of the others, but the opposite is not necessarily true;
  • More targeted promotion might be the best choice in some circumstances;
  • Promote a little bit of everything with a predominance depending of specific objectives;
  • The Migiwe Project: sexy, dynamic, more concrete objectives;

Promote Migiwe

Manifesto? See examples:

Promote Free Payment

This should be one of the first priorities.

Promote the advantages of the free payment model among the digital population. Raise awareness about the huge advantages for them: much cheaper products, much more diversity, no need to pay for useless middlemen, etc. And it makes you feel good.

If all the RIAAs of this world think they can convince digital natives to stop copying, to buy "legal" music and to shut up about DRM, I think we have a much better case with free payments. People are wise enough to understand that nothing is free (as in beer). Yes, many people, if not most, will choose not to pay, but who cares. Even few little percents of wise people makes a huge difference on the internet planet, just look at Wikipedia.

Promote Free Culture

Promote the use of free products and services

Make free more attractive to consumers

  • Transparency is attractive: promote the free business model among producers.
  • Improve user experience: standardized automatic and portable T&C/privacy agreements.

Promote non-monetary contributions

  • Getting involved in discussions and events;
  • Contributing with knowledge and skills;
  • Bug reporting: good one, nobody never talk about it and it would be a great asset for FLOSS. Teach FLOSS users how to report bug. FLOSS would improve over time much faster. That would give FLOSS another competitive advantage over proprietary software.

Combat non-constructive or undesirable contributions

  • trolling
  • anonymity: this is a controversial subject: requires special attention

Not a first priority.

Promote Free Business