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Because we strongly believe that the free culture movement, together with free payments, represents a unique and rare oppotunity for both consumer and producer to

Migiwe is a gathering place for people supporting this goal and offers a way to combine and coordinate the efforts of people willing to do concrete actions to achieve

Migiwe has been created to gather people around a common goal - to foster a healty and economically viable free culture economy. This wiki offers a way to combine and coordiante the efforts of the people who actively want to acheive this goal. who wants to do concrete actions to acheive this goal.

    • As usual, if your change is significant, it is always a good idea to discuss it in the talk page before posting.

In the Migiwe wiki however, other options are possible:

  • You can add todo tasks.
  • You can browse through task lists and chose to execute specific tasks.
  • You can create projects and gather members around you to realize specific tasks in order to achieve more targetted objectives.