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What is Migiwe?

Migiwe is an online community of people who share a common vision - the realization of a strong and sustainable economy of free.

What? Free?

Free as in speech and not free as in beer.

What is an economy of free?

An economy of free (or a free culture economy) is what you get when you have producers of free, offering free products and services, for the sake of consumers of free, in exchange for free payments.

What is a free payment?

A payment that the consumer is free to make or not. A payment free of any mandatory value or constraints. In other words, a donation. See also here and here.


Why Migiwe?

Because we believe that:

  • the free culture movement is a gem that must be protected and fostered.
  • without a way for producers to get paid for their work, this movement is condemned to stagnate, if not to disappear.
  • free payment is the solution, if not the only solution to achieve a viable economy of free.
  • free payment is already everywhere, it only needs to be fostered.
  • Migiwe is the way to make it happen.

Why not use donation instead of free payment?

To break free from the idea of charity often associated with the word donation. A free payment is a business transaction. It is not an act of charity or altruism and producers of free are not panhandlers.


How do you intend to do that?

  • by offering a gathering and collaboration place for people who wish to support, contribute and act upon to acheive the Migiwe vision.
  • what will happen next is up the community.

How do I get involved?

  • Become a member of Migiwe.
  • Use free products and services.
  • Be a prosumer, not a consumer.
  • Contribute to the free culture, be a producer of free.
  • Freely pay for products and services you value and care about.

How do I get involved in Migiwe?

  • Become a member.
  • Do like you would do in any other wiki:
    • Contribute to content, add you ideas, your knowledge, use your talents.
    • Take part in discussions, give your opinions, suggestions and criticisms.
  • Contribute to a project or create your own and make things happen.
  • Promote Migiwe and free payment on your blog, in your social network, etc.
  • Make a free payment to Migiwe.


What does Migiwe means anyway?

Mìgiwe (mee-gih-way) means "he or she gives" in Algonquin.[1]

What does the logo represent?

The Migiwe logo is based on a map of the internet produced by Barrett Lyon through the Opte Project.

Who are you?

Right now, a single individual is behind this initiative, and actively seeking help.

Why are you doing this?

  • Because I love free culture. It already gave birth to amazing technological and social innovations and is the direct cause of a never seen before explosion of creativity. And, like many, I believe this revolution to be far from over.
  • Because it makes me feel terrible when I see extraordinary artists and creators giving so much to our common culture and not being able to get a decent living from their work.
  • Because our culture is being taken hostage by powerful economic interests who, by continually pushing for stronger and stronger copyright legislation, with not much care for producers interests, choke innovation. I believe free culture is the best defense against this threat.
  • Because I believe that a healthy free culture economy is the best way to protect net neutrality.
  • Because I believe that a free culture economy represents a unique opportunity for everyone, consumers, producers, all society, to fight economic inequity and optimize economic processes.
  • Because I believe people should take a predominant role in this new economic ecosystem.
  • Finally, I would not mind being able to earn a decent living with the economy of free.


  1. Native Languages of the Americas