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Page Cat Project Task User
Project:About 1 Awakening Write the about page of wiki. pierrem100
Project:Awakening/Project tasks 3 Awakening Write a blog post for launch announcement. pierrem100
Project:Awakening/Project tasks 2 Awakening Rewrite to use terminology "free payment revenu models"? pierrem100
Project:Awakening/pierrem100 invitations Awakening
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Eric S. Raymond
  • Richard Stallman
  • Jonathan Zittrain
  • Clay Shirky
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • Don Tapscott
  • Chris Anderson
Categories 2 Awakening Define and implement categories for skills to facilitate tasks assignment.
Data Sets The Migiwe Project Find data for known free payment cases.
Data Sets Awakening Develop a questionnaire for producers regarding factors that may have an influence on the revenue curve.
Data Sets The Humble Frozenbyte bundle
Finance Governance 2 Awakening Build basic accounting log capabilities. Use a distinct namespace to hold read-only finance information?
Freepay 3 Awakening Setup a Paypal account for Migiwe. pierrem100
Freepay 2 Awakening Design and write a presentation text for the payment page. Add a link in sidebar.
Freepay 1 Awakening Design a button for sidebar to do a free payment to Migiwe.
Project:General disclaimer 1 Awakening Do something about the disclaimer page. Remove? Use? For what? pierrem100
Governance 2 Awakening Write SABD statement. see Ubuntu and Synergy for inspiration. pierrem100
Template:Infobox Project Project templates 2 Change infobox to allow proper wrap around through DPL without the need of multiple line breaks (see the problem in Project:Portal).
Invitation Lists 2 Awakening Produce a list for a first mailing campaign. pierrem100
Talk:Main Page 2 Awakening Sex up main page.
User:Pierrem100/freepayments 1 Maintenance free payment backlog pierrem100
Project:Privacy policy 1 Awakening Do something with the privacy policy page: write or remove. pierrem100
Project Toolkit 2 Create a template to list all projects, project according to status, "root" projects (project without mother project) and child projects of a project.
Project Toolkit 1 Awakening Install the extension required to get user name, or change the help file. pierrem100
Project Toolkit 1 Install project sidebar capabilities. pierrem100
Project Toolkit 2 Foundations Change DPL statement in template to exclude category ExcludeFromDPL instead of ExcludeFromTaskList. pierrem100
Project Toolkit 2 Suppress the annoying line break when template Todo is used at the end of paragraphs
Project Toolkit Update DPL to to 1.9.0 and get rid of Extension:VariablesExtension and Extension:StringFunctions.
Resources 1 Awakening Beef up ressources page. pierrem100
Template:TasksTable Project templates Modify title handling to keep it with the table when wrap-around occurs. See projects main pages for exemples of the problem.
Template Library Foundations Delete template library (use help instead). pierrem100
Template Library Do this, this and this.
Viral Campaings 2 Awakening Develop basic button/banners for linking to Migiwe (wiki? blog? web site? special presentation page?).
Viral Campaings 1 Awakening Develop basic button/banners for free payment through a Migiwe presentation page.